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Sustainability is a Team Sport, an online course with Dr. Aurora Dawn Benton.

Do you need a Green Team?

  • Is your organization on a sustainability journey and struggling to gain traction?
  • Or maybe you haven't even started the journey because you're not sure which step to take first?
  • Perhaps you have made excellent progress on your sustainability journey but want to know how a more cohesive strategy and team organization can drive you forward.
  • Or are you a leader and want to learn how to better attract the best and brightest to your organization?
  • Maybe this is more personal. Do you think there is no place in your organization for your passion for social and environmental issues?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course is for you.

Why are Green teams so important to organizations that not only want to survive the fast-changing and competitive world we live in, but want to thrive and be a place the most passionate and talented people come to? A Green Team eradicates the barriers that prevent growth and innovation, improves teamwork and culture, and delivers social, environmental AND financial results.

Sustainability is a Team Sport: Participants receive a step-by-step roadmap.

Participants receive a step-by-step roadmap for recruiting and launching a green team, prioritizing initiatives, gaining traction, and overcoming objections. In this course, Learners are Doers! If you follow the playbook, you will start a sustainability team!

The course contains 19 lessons with reasonable content (videos 10 minutes or less); a 90+ page workbook of team and leadership exercises and activities, tips, tools and resources; and exercises to help you take a Sustainability Team Toolkit worksheet that accompanies many of the lessons. There is also bonus content including interviews with sustainability experts.

Course content

  • Develop a business case and strategic rationale for a green team.
  • Build a cross-functional, representative and productive sustainability team.
  • Prioritize social and environmental issues for the team to address.
  • Plan and implement sustainability initiatives, such as volunteer trips, waste audits and more.
  • Set goals for both team performance and triple results.
  • Manage expectations and lead the team through obstacles and objections.

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Publicerat 2022-08-08

Sustainability is a team sport

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